Luristan Special

  The Luristan Project
I have collected a few Luristan mask swords (i.e. I bought them from the antiquity market) with the intention of doing a bit metallurgy on my own. However, an opportunity for starting a small but proper research project (defined as being paid by others) came up and I wrote a proposal. It was granted by the "Petersen Stiftung" and some work was done in 2017 / 18.
The basic idea was:
  1. Do some radiocarbon dating for 4 swords.
  2. Use the small specimen that needed to be cut for the dating to check the basic metallography
  3. Cut one sword into two parts with very little saw losses using modern cutting technologies.
That's what we did and the results can be found in the links provided below.
Document Content
pdf document
In German
Describes what we wanted to do, lists the available specimen, describes technologies.
(Final Report)
pdf document
In German
Describes the results with a few illustrations.
Anhang zum Abschlussbericht
(addendum to the final report)
pdf document
In German
Contains the data and plenty of pictures
General Project Results
HTML module
In English
Summarizes the findings in some detail and gives some additional results
First set of Large Pictures HTML module In English
Some first large pictures to the "cut sword" No. 5
Special "Cut Sword" results
HTML module
In English
Several modules with many pictures of the etched surface plus some interpretation and discussion
Second set of Large Pictures
HTML module
In English
Large to very large pictures of the etched surface of the cut sword
Literature Review
HTML module: leading to Word document
In English
Evaluation of some papers plus links to these papers
M. Hüls, I. Petri, H.Föll
pdf document
In English
"Radiocarbon Dating of Luristan Mask Swords"; in: Radiocarbon, Vol 61, Nr 5, 2019, p 1229–1238
  Luristan Miscellaneous
I did not only become enthralled with Luristan iron swords but also with Luristan bronze objects. I have actually acquired a few "Master of animals" finials, some of them in very bad condition. Having some experience in treating metals, I was bold enough to clean some of them with satisfying results. I also collected all kinds of information and produced some ideas of my own.
In the links below I will share some of that with you. It should be understood, however, that..
  1. ... this has nothing to do with iron steel and swords, and ...
  2. ... what I'm relating to the history of these things may be utter nonsense. No guarantees are given.
What you can access are these modules:
Document Content
The "old" Luristan "Advanced" Written long before the Luristan project started and all the other modules here.
The Luristan "Master of Animals"
Some thoughts about how these finials developed and what the might mean
Luristan finials Pictures 1
Before MoA
Luristan finials Pictures 2
"Master of Animals"
My collections of Luristan finial pictures

pdf documents
Master of Animals General Essentially a picture collection of all kinds of MoA. throughout history

With frame With frame as PDF

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