First Things First
Diffusion in iron is far more complicated than diffusion in about any other metal and thus not an easy topic. Ironically, this is similar to diffusion in silicon. That means that diffusion is more complex in our two technically most important elements than in most of the others. Maybe, that's why those elements are so useful?
Whatever, before I get to diffusion in iron, I will first discuss the basics of diffusion in 4 modules. The following links take you to the modules that deal with some important facets of diffusion and, as the final climax, to diffusion in iron.
Of course, if you are somewhat familiar with the topic, you can go there directly. If you are not, I strongly recommend to start with the first module and to work your way up.
1. Atomic Mechanisms of Diffusion
2. Random Walk
3. Phenomenological Modelling of Diffusion
4. Experimental Techniques for Measuring Diffusion Parameters
5. Diffusion in Iron

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