Additional Pictures Chapter 3.3

Here is the original of the sword found in Turcianská Blatnica in Slovakia. The replica made by Patrick Barta is here. Another picture can be found here
Pattern welded sword as found
Source: Photographed 2015 in the Budapest museum
Here is an almost perfectly preserved sword from Illerup Ådal with a pattern welded blade and an incrustation depicting the war God Mars. The damage of the edges might be from fighting or from a ritual "killing" of the sword before it was sacrificed. The drawings are from the Illerup Adal book
Illerup Ådal sword
Large picture of sword
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Here is another Vendel period pyramid hilt from Välsgarde.
Vendel period hilt
Source: Internet at large
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Two more Vendel period pyramid hilts with pommel rings.
Pommel ring hilts; Vendel period
Source: Internet at large
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Here is the Munich pugio with a pattern welded core as it is presently (2014) displayed:
  The pugio is part of a large hoard of Roman iron that was found 1962 in Künzing, Bavaria, Germany. The stuff was most likely buried after the Alemanni took the Roman fortress there in 259 AD. The winners probably looted the battlefield and the remains of the burnt-down fort and then buried part of the loot for reasons unknown. The 82 kg of iron objects are the largest find of Roman iron from the 3rd century that has been made so far.
Here are some large-scale pictures of the hoard.
Pugio; patern welded
Munich pugio with pattern welded core
Source: Photographed (2014) in the Archäologischen Staatssammlung, München, Germany
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Here are some - roughly - 600 AD swords, saxes and other stuff from Alemanni graves in the region of Memmingen, Germany.
Alemanni swords from Memmingen
Alemanni artifacts from around 600 AD; Memmingen region
Source: Photographed (2014) in the Memmingem town museum.
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  It is not easy to tell for two of the three swords if they were made by pattern welding or not. Here are large scale pictures of parts of the blades (roughly indicates by the black squares above); judge for yourself.
Here are the pages from the auction catalogue of Hermann Historica in Munich, Germany, from Sept. 2015 that show pattern welded Celtic blades with two striped rods running down the length of the blade and quite remarkable anthropoid hilts.
A detailed view of the first blade can be found here.
Celtic sword, anthropoid hilt, pattern welded blade
Celtic blade from 300 BC with two striped rods, not unlike this one with four striped rods from about 300 AD.
Celtic sword, anthropoid hilt, pattern welded blade
Second sword; the description is similar to the first one.
Pattern welding is not as obvious but present.
Source: Hermann Historica on-line auction catalogue 2015

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