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Literature to "Scythian Special"

Below is a short list of literature to akinakai that I found interesting enough to share. I hope to be able to enlarge that list in due time.
Of course there is a lot more literature but that you must find yourself.
Document Content
Encycloædia Iranica Scythians
Very long, very learned, full of general information.
Not much about iron technology development.
D. Topai
Scythian Akinakai Between Carpathians and Dniester. The Sructure of Storm
Detailed discussion of akinakai finds with a system of chronological and spatial ordering.
No metallurgy / technology data
A. Rustoiu
Dacian weapons
J. Baron, B. Miazga · Scythian akinakai or medieval kidney-dagger?
Contains the only metallurgical analysis of an akinaka

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