Scythian Special

I called this Module Hub a Scythian Special but calling it an akinakai special would be just as good. I doesn't really matter. In essence I'm trying to find answers to a simple question:

How were (early) akinakai made?

After looking at the "first" complex iron objects = iron swords like the Luristan mask swords and their colleagues from around 700 - 900 BC, the natural question is: how did complex iron technology progress?. Once more we need to look primarily at swords and daggers, possibly helmets and spear points, but not at arrow points and every-day stuff like small utility knifes.
What we find are akinakai, in particular the "Scythian" type with the typical "bollocks" guard.
Looking for the answer to the question above was fun. The result of the effort, however, was close to zero. I still have no idea how early akinakai were made. The following modules resulted:
Document Content
Basics Some background about the Scythians and their akinakai. In addition, I look at some other cultures around then, and their relations to Scythians and akinakai
Akinakes More pictures and text to akinakia
Literature Links to some of the major literature I read plus a few comments
Large pictures Lare picture of this and that

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