Beer and Conquering The World

The claim was that you can't conquer the world without sufficient consumption of beer. Now look at the data below:
 Beer consumption
World-wide beer consumption
If you look at recent per capita numbers (the ones in the brackets), you still see a definite correlation with proven world conquering capabilities in the past. Britain was the world-conquering champion not that long ago and, while a bit frustrated at present, is still is pretty good with 86 liters per capita (and probably was much better in the past when the Australians counted as British). Germany, a major contender in this field, is still prominently placed with 109 liters per capita (and, in the opinion of the financial-crisis suffering Greeks, Spaniards and Italians, already on its way once more). World-conquering wise the United States could never quite match the British as shown with 79 liters per capita. They are still about on par with the Russians, however. Japan with 49 liters per capita has not quite recovered from its old glory, it seems, and you will definitely not need to worry about encountering French or Italian conquerors anytime soon.
China is certainly struggling (they learned making beer from the Germans, by the way) but with only 31 liters per capita it will not yet be up to the task.
My tip: Watch out for those Czechs!

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