Spring is in the Air

I live in the state of Schleswig-Holstein (2.8 million inhabitants) in Germany. The capital is Kiel (240.000 inhabitants). Kiel is north of Hamburg and on a latitude far north of Maine. Go 6.500 km due West and you hit Newfoundland / Labrador, where only eskimos can live - if you can call that a living (no opera and no beer!).
Deer, snow and spring
Spring is in the air - the deer are out in the fields.
Source. Don't know. Thanks to whoever took it.
I always thought that the little picture above was overstating the case a bit. But look at this authentic picture that I took while I'm writing this - on the official beginning of spring on March 21st 2013.
Spring on march 21st, 2013
Pissed sea gull in spring snow.
Well, I'm pissed, too. So excuse me, I have to go and warm the beer.

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