Doping and Mobility

Shown are some standard diagrams (without detailed comment at present)
The first graph gives an Arrhenius representation or Arrhenius plot of the intrinisc carrier concentration in Si and Ge for various approximations. The (small) effect of the T3/2 factor can be seen for Ge; it is reponsible for the bending of the rather straight line at high temperatures.
Intrinsic carrier cONCentratiOn - Arrhenius plOt
The next plot shows the intrinsic carrier concentration of several semiconductors as a direct function of the temperature. Note that at room temperature there is a difference of about 7 orders of magnitude.
Intrinsic carrier cONCentratiOn
This plot shows the dependance of the mobility on doping
MObility and dOping
Here is the dependance of the mobility on temperature in the interesting T-range for Si
MObility and temperature
This is the combined result of carrier concentration and mobility: The resisitivity of Si as a function of doping for electrons and holes separately.
Resistivity and dOping

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