Hyperscript "Electronic Materials"

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Project Organization

Hyperscripts of AMAT: General Information
Matrix of Modules lists all files(with direct links) in a matrix composed of the levels (from "Basic" to "Advanced") and the (sub)chapters.

Detailed Table of Contents gives the contents of the backbone by the headings of chapters, sub-chapters and paragraphs.

Table of JAVA-Applets Table of all JAVA-Applets

Preface will introduce into the subject and the general philosophy of lecture and hyperscript.

Books provides a list of books for detailed or auxiliary reading.

Automatically Generated Lists
Names: An automatically generated list of all names marked by a bookmark starting with a "!". Marked names are usually highlighted in bold and red in the text.

Keywords (Index): An automatically generated list of key words (index) including all words marked with a bookmark (without a special preceding sign). Keywords are usually bold in the text.

Abbreviations: An automatically generated list of all abbreviations marked by a bookmark starting with a "?" and the full text.

Dictionary: An automatically generated (English - German) dictionary for some of the less common English words or expressions used in the hyperscript.

File administration
Cross-Check of File Tree: Gives each file automatically a consecutive number and lists all links from this document or others as well as the links from other documents to this document.
Minus signs (-) in front of a number means links could not be activated. All links leaving the file tree (external links) are marked with a minus sign.

Errors in the File Tree: Lists links that could not be activated (including correct external links).

Orphan Files: Lists all files which exist but can not be reached by a link from somewhere else.