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First a large-scale map showing the modern borders of the countries in the general region.-
Wer essentially have (north) Iran, Aserbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey.
Another map covering a lot of territory showing the important powers around 1300 BC
The region at large during- roughly - 1300 BC
Source: Wikipedia, from its article about the (unimportant) Amorite kingdom Amurru,
established c. 2000 BC, in a region spanning present-day western and north-western
Syria and northern Lebanon.
A picture of Hassanlu as seen today.
Hasanlu today
Hasanlu today
Source: Internet page: Visit Iran, Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Tourism and Handicrafts (MCTH)
The following map shows where bi-metal swords have been found in scientific excavations.
The map and the two pictures on top are from the papers cited. The added color and composition was my work.
The authors actually did not use the term "circular cone bronze pommel" in their paper nor did they ever refer to
"double disc" pommels in the text. That's why I included a picture from a different paper.
The reference given in the picture captions would probably be of interest but is only available in Japanese, it seems.
Bi-metal swords; hilts; map
Where hilts of bi-metal swords were found.
Source: Hisashi NOJIMA et al. Bronze-Hilted Iron Swords from Western Asia at the Department of Archaeology, Hiroshima University
The picture below shows the relvant page of Pleiner's book with details of the "Singen" sword
sword: Hallstatt; Singen
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Source: Pleiner's book

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