Going to Hell in Style

Going to Hell was a popular topic in the arts of the Middle Ages.
It was often rendered with far more attention to detail and inspiration than going
to heaven; always necessary for reasons of artistic (and moral) symmetry. Eternal
damnation might be painful but certainly less boring than eternal bliss.
Here is going to hell in a picture found in a church in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Going to hell in Rothenburg
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Sculptures on the "Fürstenportal" of the Bamberg Cathedral; 13th century.
The damned have not yet realized where they are going.
Going to hell in Bamberg
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These guys in the Roskilde (Denmark) cathedral are probably enjoying a rest (having some fruit) on the way down.
Going to hell in Roskilde
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Cologne (Köln) has a lot of medieval art in museums and churches, including supreme going-to-hell pictures.
The first one shows parts of Stefan Lochner's (1400/1410 - 1451) "The day of reckoning from around 1435.
Going to hell in Koeln
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  The details are remarkable. Here are some members of the clergy, including bishops
and other dignitaries, who rate a particular ugly devil:
Going to hell in Koeln
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  Not everybodies fate is alreday decided. Below we see a fight between the airforces of the two powers over
a particularly shapely soul. It's not yet clear who will be the winner.
Going to hell in Koeln
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The lady below knows where she is going and doesn't enjoy it.
Fragment of "The Damned" from Colijn de Coter, 1500 - 1510.
Going to hell in Koeln
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Here we have part of the Hiob story painted by sone unknown guy around 1470.
Hiob is not going to hell here. What we see, and what makes this picure remarkable,
is that young devils need to go to school, too. Here they are obviously on an outing to learn
how prober flogging is done. The teacher explains that the movement shoud come from the
shoulder and not from the wrist.
Going to hell in Koeln
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Nowadays time is money and painting an old-fashioned picture takes a lot of time.
So we use photography instead and make one picture fit it all.
Heaven or hell; it's up to you:
Welcome to hell
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