Venus Figurines

There are plenty of so-called Venus figurines. My Suebian ancestoress seems to be the oldest (and ugliest) of the bunch
Just for the hell of it, here is a gallery of stone-age beauties. The ceramic one mentioned in the text is here.
Here is a little table of what's around (partially adopted from Wikipedia). There are several more Venus figurines around, however, and many are probably patiently waiting for that good-looking archeologist to dig them out.
Check this link for plenty of additional information and pictures:
Don's Map;
Some of the pictures following are from this site.
Name Approx. age
(x 1000 years)
Location Material
Venus of Hohle Fels 35–40 Suebian Alb, Germany Mammoth ivory
Venus of Galgenberg 30 Lower Austria Serpentine rock
Venus of Dolní Vestonice 27–31 Moravia, Czech Republic Ceramic
Venus of Lespugue 24–26 French Pyrenees Ivory
Venus of Willendorf 24–26 Lower Austria Limestone
Venus of Mal'ta 23 Irkutsk Oblast, Russia Ivory
Venus of Moravany 23 Záhorie, Slovakia Mammoth ivory
Venus of Brassempouy 22 Aquitaine, France Mammoth ivory
Venus of Laussel 20 Dordogne, France Limestone relief
Venus' of Avdeevo 20 - 21 Switzerland Black jet
Venus of Monruz 11 Near Kursk; Russia ivory
Venus of Catal Huyuk 7.7 Turkey Clay (?)
Venus Vohleherhoehle; Germany
Suebian Venus of Hohle Fels
Venus of Galgenberg
Venus of Dolní Vestonice
Ceramic Venus of Dolní Vestonice
Venus of lespugue
Venus of Lespugue
Venus of willemdorf
Venus of Willendorf
Vneus of Malta
Venus of Malta
Venus of Moravany
Venus of Moravany
Venus of Brassempouy
Venus of Brassempouy
It's tiny; here are a feew more shown in "her" museum
Venus of Laussel
Venus of Laussel
Venus' of Avdeevo
Venus' of Avdeevo
Venus of Monruz
Venus of Monruz
Venus of Catal Huyuk
Relatively recent "Venus" from Catal Huyuk;
usually perceived as (birthing) Godess
(Head restored)
Finally, two modern versions. Maybe there was some progress in human development, after all.
Venus of Milo and Botticelli
Venus of Milo
Around 100 BC
Venus of Botticelli
Around 1580

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