4. Silicon: Special Properties and Emerging Technologies

4.1 Silicon on Insulator

4.1.1 General Remarks

4.1 Silicon on Insulator

advantages and problems, basic device structure
Modern developments
Oxygen Implantation; waferbonding, smart cut technology
4.2 Etching of Silicon
Chemical etches
Isotropic and anisotropic dissolution, defect etches and anodic etching
Micromechanics and microsystem technology
Basic considerations, special process steps
Electrochemical etching, Porous Silicon and applications
Photonic crystals, filters, sensors, microtechnology, integrated wave guides, ...
4.3 Specialities
  Amorphes Si and applications
Structural and electronic properties, H - passivation, solar cells and FPDs
  SiGe: Materials ascpects and devices
HEMT, detectors (incl. Ge),

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