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So far, besides a short CV, there is mainly an overview of my publications (on various subjects; last update: 18 March 2024). Alternatively, you may take a look here:

As a by-product of my teachings, for the students I collected background information on the status of photovoltaic energy in Germany and worldwide. This collection became a long list of hyperlinks, which I arranged as a “guided tour” motivated by questions I consider most relevant: Informationen zur Photovoltaik (in German, work in progress; last update: 17 October 2018).

Very interesting: Friedrich Schiller’s famous speech that he started his historical lectures in Jena with. It is entitled “Was heißt und zu welchem Ende studiert man Universalgeschichte? (Eine akademische Antrittsrede.)”. It’s in German, of course.

Long ago, I started to look for detailed information about the German spelling reform (“Rechtschreibreform”) that took effect in 1996 – or was it 1998? Or, as the media now claim, 2005? Well, the most recent stuff about this subject can be found (and discussed) at “Schrift & Rede”, the web site of “Forschungsgruppe Deutsche Sprache e.V. (FDS)”, a registered association watching the orthographic development in Germany – as well as in Austria and Switzerland – that I serve as secretary.

Here you can find a largely documentary (and partially commentary) German text that I originally wrote back in 2004 and which I reworked a little in 2009, “Zum Hintergrund der Rechtschreibreform”. In making this web version (via LaTeX2HTML) I recently have just tried to find the originally referenced pages in the web archive. Additionally I want to bring two archive pages of a former colleague of mine (Dr. Hans-Christian Weissker) to your attention: “Warum die Rechtschreibreform gefährlich ist” (short overview with further links) and “Die Rechtschreibreform und einige ihrer Argumente” (complete essay; very goood).

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