The Service Center undertakes several tasks that occur at the interface between lecturer and learner.


For the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Institute for Materials Science, it organises the development, the accreditation and the administration of degree programmes. For students or those who wish to become students, it offers study guidance and is the contact point for the curriculum. In the form of tutorials, students are professionally informed about the general regulations as well as the details of their degree programmes.


Via organizing lab courses, the Service Center, in cooperation with the Center for Materials Analysis, enables students to gain practical knowledge in the field of on-going research and development. At the same time, this cooperation offers the researchers an opportunity to share their knowledge and operating experience with the society and the industry.


The integration of the Examination Offices into the Service Center facilitates fast and direct feedback on the implementation of the degree programmes. Continuous and consequent adaption and improvement are therefore ensured.


For students, the Service Center is the place to go for all organizational issues with regard to their studies.