Materials Science Lab Courses

If the lab report is evaluated with a  "+", the experiment is considered as passed. If the lab report has to be corrected and improved, it is evaluated with a  "-". Please note that a group also receives a minus for every deadline missed.The Service Center provides lab courses for students of materials science as follows:

  • Bachelor lab course "mawi-302 Grundpraktikum 1 für Materialwissenschaftler"
  • Bachelor lab course "mawi-402 Grundpraktikum 2 für Materialwissenschaftler"
  • Bachelor lab course "mawi-404: Materialanalytik 2 - Praktikum"
  • Master lab course "mawi-701: Basic Laboratory Course for Master Students"
  • Master lab course "mawi-801: Advanced Laboratory Course for Master Students"

Further information with regard to the courses offered are accessible by following the respective menu entry and the text links.
Below you can find important information regarding the organizational aspects of the lab courses as well as helpful tips for writing your lab reports.

For questions and remarks please contact the coordinator of the materials science lab courses André Piorra.

Information on the Organization of the Lab Courses


In order to participate in lab courses or to repeat single experiments, it is necessary to register via the Protocol Status and Appointment Information System ProSTi

Registrations for lab courses in the winter semester is currently closed and will be open soon.

The Basic Lab is excluded from this application scheme. Therefore, you may apply at the freshman welcome for the master study course. The date for this event is published at the study course information website.

If you took part at a lab course in the winter semester you will be contacted via e-mail regarding the application for the summer semester lab course.

The lab couses are carried out in groups of three - in exceptional cases in groups of two. You have the possibility to register as a group. Applications with fewer than three students are grouped appropriately. We will inform you about the group assignment in due time before the start of the lab course.

Safety Instructions

All students wishing to participate in lab courses must complete a yearly safety course. These are offered at the beginning of each winter semester in the course of a preliminary meeting, which is provided in German and English.

Introduction lecture and safety instructions in English language will be offered at certain dates pulished here. 

If you participate in a lab course for the first time during a summer semester, please contact the coordinator of the lab at least 14 days before the start of the lab course in order to take part at the required personal safety instruction.

Information on the Procedure of the Lab Courses

In the course of the preliminary meeting you will receive information on the general procedure of the lab courses. This information can be found on the slides that are presented during the German preliminary meeting and the slides that are presented during the English preliminary meeting.

Lab Dates and Supervisors

Information on timetables and supervisors can be obtained via ProSTi.

In the case of basic lab I and basic lab II, the timetable is set by the Service Center. In the case of all other lab courses, please contact the respective supervisors of the different labs to make an appointment.

If you are not able to keep the appointment made for a lab, e.g. due to illness, please inform the supervisor of the course and the  coordinator of the lab immediately and hand in your medical certificate to the secretary of the Service Center within three working days. If one group member is not able to take part, the whole group has to make a new appointment.

Lab Reports

A report must be written for each experiment. These lab reports are to be handed in within seven days of the experiment by 2:15 pm by posting them in the designated letter box in the foyer of building G. The supervisors then have seven days to review them. If your lab report is rejected by the supervisor for the first time, you may improve it and re-submit it within 14 days. If the lab report is rejected again, you and your group failed the respective lab.

Lab reports are returned to the groups via the group lockers. Each group receives a locker key at the beginning of a semester in exchange for a 20 Euro deposit. 

You can follow the current status of your lab reports in ProSTi.

Lab Report Lockers

You can receive and return the key for your group's locker each Thursday between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon in the Service Center Office.

To receive a key, a deposit of 20 Euros is required, which you get back when the key is returned by the end of the respective semester. If a key is not returned by this deadline, the deposit will be used to buy a new lock and new keys.

General Information on Lab Reports

Sample Lab Reports

You can find important tips for writing a technical report in this check list. This sample report includes a check list for monitoring your report yourself.

Error Calculation

You can find tips regarding error calculation in a script.