B.Sc. Basic Lab Materials Science 2

The module "mawi-302 Grundpraktikum 2 für Materialwissenschaftler" is designed for students in the fourth semester of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Materials Science and Engineering. It comprises the eight experiments outlined below.

  • B303 Elektrischer Widerstand
  • B304 Magnetismus
  • B402 Metallographie
  • B404 Härten
  • B407 Messung nichtelektrischer Größen
  • B408 Fehlerortung
  • ET1 Gleichgrößen
  • ET4 Oszilloskop


The Basic Lab is organized via an OLAT course.

There you will find imoortant dates and further information and you have the possibility to register for the lab course.

To find the OLAT course you can search for "mawi-302 Grundpraktikum 2"