News about the Corona time

The examination office can still be reached by email or phone only.

 Please send your questions to the responsible person in the examination office:

    Bachelor Material Science:
    Ms. Otte-Hüls (email:
    Bachelor Industrial Engineering Materials Science:
    Ms. Bekendorf (e-mail:
    Master Materials Science and Engineering:
    Ms. Otte-Hüls (e-mail:
    Master Materials Science and Business Administration:
    Ms. Bekendorf (e-mail:

Please always use your stu-email address!

All of the following regulations are valid as long as the CAU Corona Statutes are also valid, or the regulations are revoked or changed.

Practical phase / Bachelor thesis

For the fulfillment of the practical phase, the examination committees have decided on the following regulation due to the current situation:

The point limit for the start of the Bachelor's thesis will be lowered to that of the practical phase.
Thus, it is possible to bring forward the bachelor thesis in order to get a place for the practical phase later in the year.
For the BA MaWi this means that 120 LP are required for the start of the BA thesis.
For the BA WiIng MaWi this means that 90 LP are needed to start the BA thesis, 68 LP from MaWi and 22 LP from Economics.
Despite the change in point limits, all applications for the start of the work must be submitted to the examination office by the deadline.

If it is not possible to find a place for the practical phase even after the bachelor thesis, a substitute performance can be applied for.
The prerequisite for this is that the practical phase is actually the last examination performance.

The application for a substitute performance must be submitted to the examination office. Three rejected applications for a place must be attached to this application.

If the application is approved, the student can try to get a place for a substitute performance in the form of a working group practical. If this place cannot be offered, the practical phase may be finally replaced by a term paper.

For all substitute performances the same scope applies as for the original practical phase, i.e. 13 weeks for MaWi and 8 weeks for WiIng MaWi.

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Module Handbooks

  • The module handbooks are to be found in the folder module offer.