Current Information on Summer Term 2020

FAQs on teaching and examinations in the summer semester 2020

Due to the current situation, the Examination Office is frequently being asked the following questions:

Can I still contact the Examination Office?

The Examination Office is reachable via e-mail. Please send your questions to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office:

  • Bachelor Materials Science: Ms. Otte-Hüls (e-mail:
  • Bachelor Materials Science and Business Administration: Ms. Bekendorf (e-mail:
  • Master Materials Science and Engineering: Ms. Otte-Hüls (e-mail:
  • Master Materials Science and Business Administration: Ms. Bekendorf (e-mail:

I need a certificate, what should I do?

Currently, please apply for any certificates you require by e-mail, using your stu-mail address. If possible, we will send the relevant certificates via e-mail. Otherwise, we will print them and send them to you by post. Please note that in the current situation this may take a few days, and you should therefore apply for certificates well in advance.

What is happening with examinations?

The examinations still scheduled for the current examination period - both written as well as oral examinations - are postponed. There is an exception for oral examinations, if the examiner, student and assistant examiner agree to conduct them via video conference.

Must I cancel my registered examinations that have been postponed?

Cancellation is not required. We will inform you about the organisation of the make-up examinations in good time, once we know when they can be carried out.
Those who are not able or not willing to participate on the new examination dates will then still have the opportunity to cancel their examinations.
If students have already cancelled their examinations as a precautionary measure, they will receive the opportunity to register again for the next scheduled examinations. Students who have not yet registered will also have the opportunity to register for the make-up examinations. The Examination Office will soon provide an overview of all examinations which have been postponed. This will enable students to see which make-up examinations will be offered soon. You will then have the opportunity to decide as early as possible which additional examinations you wish to register for, and thus also prepare for these examinations, where necessary.

Industry internship

Students who are currently completing their industrial internships, or have planned this for the summer semester 2020, are welcome to contact the responsible Chairperson of the Examination Board to discuss further action regarding the industrial internship.

How can I register my thesis?

As usual, you can use the corresponding form to register a thesis. Please send it (without a signature if no other way is possible) from your stu-mail address to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office. The further processing will also be done electronically.

Is there a general extension for theses?

There is no general extension of the deadline for completing theses. These must be submitted by the deadline (for instructions on how to submit: see the following point). As usual, a justified extension is possible, for example if the laboratory where the thesis work is conducted is currently closed. In such cases, please complete an application to extend the deadline. A signature is not required. The relevant form can be found at the link "forms" on this website.
Send it to your thesis supervisor and ask them to add their own statement and forward it to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office.

How can I submit my thesis if I can no longer get it bound at a copy shop?

As long as there are restrictions in place due to the coronavirus crisis, it is sufficient to submit theses electronically as a PDF document. The printed copies must be submitted later. The PDF version of the thesis must be submitted by the deadline, by e-mail from your stu-mail address to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office.
The Examination Office will then forward the thesis to the examiners. The declaration which is required for every thesis, as specified in the information on the FAQ pages of the Examination Office, must be included in the PDF document. However, the declaration does not need to be signed. It is currently sufficient to confirm this by including it in the e-mail with which the thesis is sent to the Examination Office.


What should I do now if I want to provisionally register for the Master’s degree programme?

Students who have obtained 150 ECTS credit points may provisionally register for the Master’s degree programme. This usually requires a transcript of records signed by your Examination Office. To simplify the process, we will send this transcript of records (without a signature) by e-mail directly to the student secretariat, and you will receive a copy. For further steps regarding registration, please follow the instructions of the student secretariat. This approach has been adopted in agreement with the student secretariat.




Module Handbooks

  • The module handbooks are to be found in the folder module offer.