Module Examinations

The examination procedure at Kiel University underlies cross-faculty regulations for all Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. All current information regarding this procedure can be found on the website of the  "Virtual Central Examination Office" (Virtuelles Zentrales Prüfungsamt).

Separate regulations apply for students of expiring Diploma degree programmes.

Information on the examination process with particular features at the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The general examination procedure for students consists of four steps for which fixed periods in each semester are set:

1. Registration
2. Admission review
3. Examinations
4. Reviewing results

Please take account of the specific regulations for oral exams at the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.


You are obliged to register in good time for all examinations relevant to the certificate within the corresponding registration period prescribed. If you do not register, you will not be permitted to sit examinations!

Registration for modules in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes is carried out via the Students-Online-Function (HIS-QIS). If you encounter problems during online registration, please contact the Examination Office immediately.

Admission Review

During this review period, please check whether your registration has been entered in the Students-Online-Function. Please print out an overview of all your registered examinations. In case of discrepancies this printout will be used as proof of your registration.


Information on the type and duration of the individual examinations as well as permitted aids can be found under "Examinations" on the welcome page of the Examination Office.

Reviewing Results

For written examinations, an inspection takes place after the preliminary results have been announced. Here you have the opportunity to check your result. The final results are determined after the inspection date.


Examinations in diploma degree programmes


Students of the expiring diploma degree programmes use the same dates and deadlines to register for examinations as students in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. Registration is carried out in writing. There is a deadline of 14 days for withdrawals!