Current Information on Examination Matters

Questions on the following topics currently occur frequently at the Examination Office due to the current situation:

You will find below the questions from these areas and the corresponding answers or references.


Reachability of the Examination Office

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Can I still contact the Examination Office?

The Examination Office is reachable via e-mail. Please send your questions to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office:


Certificates and Final Documents

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I need a certificate, what should I do?

If possible, we will send the relevant certificates via e-mail. Otherwise, we will print them and send them to you by post. Please note that in the current situation this may take a few days, and you should therefore apply for certificates well in advance.

How do I get my qualification certificates?

Qualification certificates will still be produced and handed out. At the moment, you will receive them by registered post and not collect them from the Examination Office like you usually would. We ask for your understanding that producing the qualification certificates may take longer than normal due to the current situation.

Standard procedure for receiving your qualification certificates is to fill out a routing slip and have this signed. At the moment, you cannot collect this routing slip and collect the necessary signature in person. The Examination Office is currently taking over this task for you.




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How can I register my thesis?

As usual, you can use the corresponding form to register a thesis. Please send it  to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office:

If it is not possible for you to submit a signed form, it is sufficient to submit it without a signature via your stu-mail address. The further processing will also be done electronically.


Is there a general extension for theses?

There is no general extension of the deadline for completing theses. These must be submitted by the deadline (for instructions on how to submit: see the following point). As usual, a justified extension is possible, for example if the laboratory where the thesis work is conducted is currently closed. In such cases, please complete an application to extend the deadline. A signature is not required. The relevant form can be found on the following website:

Send it to your thesis supervisor and ask them to add their own statement and forward it to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office:


How can I submit my thesis if I can no longer get it bound at a copy shop?

If copy shops are not accessile or only accessible to a limited extent during a lockdown, it is sufficient to submit theses electronically as a PDF document. The printed copies must be submitted later. The PDF version of the thesis must be submitted by the deadline, by e-mail from your stu-mail address to the responsible member of staff in the Examination Office:

The Examination Office will then forward the thesis to the examiners. The declaration which is required for every thesis, as specified in the information on the FAQ pages of the Examination Office, must be included in the PDF document. However, the declaration does not need to be signed.



Module handbooks

  • Information on the modules offered can be found on the web pages of the Institute for EE&IT on study and teaching.

    There you can also find the forms for creating study plas for the Master's degree programs.