B.Sc. Basic Lab Electrical Engineering

The module "etit-314 Grundpraktikum für Ingenieure" (GPET) is tailored for students in the third semester of their Bachelor Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology as well as for students in the third semester of their Bachelor study course in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Business Management.

Given an appropriate preparation, students will deepen their theoretical knowledge in practial experiments and indepentend development works.

Impulse presentations will provide hints and suggestions for self-sufficient and group-oriented preparation of the different topics.

Structure and Schedule

Since winter semester (WiSe) 2016, the GPET sees continuous improvement and modification. Thus, in WiSe 2019/20 the structure will again show significant changes. The the step-by-step order of the experiments are kept while the amount of experiments is reduced to six. Two of them will contain project-oriented content.

Colloquia are understood as well-informed expert discussions while the deliverables of the experiments cover a variety including minute protocol, main protocol, proposal and presentation.

Safety Instruction

The attendence at the safety instruction taking place in line with a launch event at the beginning of the WiSe. If you are not taking place at the safety instruction you are not allowed to do GPET in this WiSe. The date of the launch event and safety instruction will be published to the attendees.

Organisation, Information und Application

All dates, documents and ongoing information is availlable at OLAT.


Please contact Michael Meißer if you have any request, open question or remark to the basic lab.