Nanoscale Magnetic Materials - Magnetic Domains

mawi-933: Optical Materials


• Wave nature of light • Dielectric waveguides and optical fibers • Semiconductor science and Light-Emitting Diodes • Stimulated emission devices: Optical amplifiers and lasers • Photodetectors and image sensors • Polarization and modulation of light




Contents to be reviewed and prepared by the students. Vorbesprechung in der ersten Woche des Semesters (s. Aushang) / Pre-meeting in first lecture week (s. notice board)

Recommended literature

S.O. Kasap, Optoelectronics & Photonics: Principles & Practices (Pearson, 2013)

SoSe 2020

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The online kick-off meeting was on the 9th of April 2019!

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Schedule of 2020. Schedule is subject to change.

  1. 2nd online meeting (Jeffrey McCord) - 30th of April
  2. Semiconductor Science and LEDs I (Tim Tjards) - 7th of May 2020
  3. Semiconductor Science and LEDs II (Devarrishi Dixit) - 14th of May 2020
  4. Semiconductor Science and LEDs III (Akpobome Onojeta) - 28th of May 2020
  5. Photodetectors and Image Sensors I (Annabel Boateng) -  4th of June 2020
  6. Photodetectors and Image Sensors II (Oluwadamilola Ajibuwa) - 11th of June 2020
  7. Stimulated Emission Devices: Lasers I (Abhinav Nair) - 18th of June 2020



  • You might reduce the contents to fit your lecture!
  • 60 mins lecture is expected (preferabel with one "black board" example).
  • 15 mins discussion and question-and-answer session (5 questions per person per semester - with „logbook“ ).
  • Provide a PDF of your slides before your lecture.
  • Provide a three page handout per lecture (at the beginning of the lecture; this will be a pdf in this semester).