Nanoscale Magnetic Materials - Magnetic Domains

Current Term (SoSe 21)

This semester we will hold the lectures and most of the exercises online using ZOOM. 
Please make yourself familiar with the clients in advance. Information how to join the lectures will be provided to registered students. Please spread the information to your student colleagues.
Please keep checking regularly for updates!
For the online lectures ...
you should be registered for the courses OpenOlat (,
you need a working computer or mobile phone, which is connected to the internet,
you need the zoom client or app ( on your device, and
you need dome kind of sound output.
Very helpful are  ...
a microphone (or some type of audio input) and
a camera (would be great to see you once in a while).

mawi 421/422: Werkstoffe 1 - Metalle

mawi 421/422: Werkstoffe 1 - Exercise

mawi-706: Advanced Materials B

mawi-706: Advanced Materials B Exercises

Seminar "Nanoskalige Magnetische Werkstoffe"

Selected Topics in Material Science

Previous Terms

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mawi-515: Funktionsmaterialien - Magnetische Materialien Übung

mawi-515: Funktionsmaterialien - Optische Materialien

mawi-515: Funktionsmaterialien - Optische Materialien Übung

mawi-933: Optical Materials

mawi-921: Magnetic Materials: Physics and Applications

mawi-921: Magnetic Materials: Physics and Applications (Exercises)

mawi-937: ETiMA

mawi-937: ETiMA Exercises

mawi-502: Werkstoffe - Keramiken

mawi-510: Werkstoffe 2 (Keramiken)

mawi-510: Werkstoffe 2 (Keramiken) Übungen