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Hybrid magnetic materials (finished project)

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Hybrid magnetic materials - microscopic modifications resulting in macroscopic effects

Understanding the correlation of artificial magnetic domain configurations and effective magnetic characteristics, such as the anisotropy, exchange coupling, and interlayer exchange coupling is the main goal of the research project. Artificial magnetic structures are produced with the aid of ion irradiation techniques in order to modify magnetic characteristics on a length scale comparable to or below the magnetic characteristic correlation lengths. By this, completely new domain wall and domain configurations are imprinted that do not occur in conventional film systems. With the progressive reduction in structure size materials with modified effective magnetic properties, so-called magnetic hybrid materials, are generated. 

The current focus of the project is on the investigation of the functional relationship between microscopic magnetic property patterns and the integrally measured effective magnetic parameters. The scalability of the findings are examined by the comparison of different material systems with varying effective magnetic correlation lengths.

Hybrid magnetic materials project at DFG Gepris 


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