Nanoscale Magnetic Materials - Magnetic Domains

Domain wall dynamics

Domain wall dynamics and magnetic texture behavior in magnetic films with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction

Magnetic structures, like chiral domain walls, and topological structures, like vortices and skyrmions, are the foundation for future solid state magnetic information technologies. A variety of theoretical studies predict intriguing phenomena for the propagation of micromagnetic objects in such structures. The goal of the project is to obtain a fundamental understanding of the manipulation of micromagnetic structures in connection with static and dynamic properties of magnetic thin films. The focus of the project is on the investigation of the high-frequency response of nearly free magnetic heterostructures to external stimuli. Epitaxial thin film systems with variable magnetic anisotropy contributions and confined spin structures will be spanned and magnetic field, thermo-optical, and spin current induced magnetization dynamics will be investigated by combined high temporally and high spatially resolved imaging methods. The investigations of the tailored structures are backed by complementary magnetic property measurements and micromagnetic calculations. Combining simulations and time resolved real-time imaging will clarify the underlying physical mechanisms. The research will provide a fundamental contribution to the realization of envisioned new memory technologies.

Domain wall dynamics at DFG Gepris.