Nanoscale Magnetic Materials - Magnetic Domains

Domain configurations and magnetization dynamics

Adjustable and switchable magnetic high-frequency properties - domain configurations and observation of magnetization dynamics of structured ferromagnetic layersFeCoSiB@3GHz

The project focuses on the correlation of artificially generated magnetic domains and domain wall configurations with the magneto-dynamic response in magnetic micro-and nanostructured thin films. Large area thin film nanoscale structures and thus novel effective magnetic media will be produced, the effective magnetic properties of which will be varied by different imprinted magnetization configurations. The variable remanent magnetization configurations are set by periodic nanostructures and magneto-thermal methods. Different approaches to the fabrication of domain engineered structures will be studied. Using various methods of domain control, novel ways to adjust the magnetic permeability and the spin-wave behavior of magnetic structures will be investigated.

Essentially, new principles for optimized functionality in the area of magnetic sensors and magnetization dynamics are created. The main focus of the current studies is on switchable magnetic high-frequency characteristics of large surface nanoscale structures.

Adjustable high-frequency properties at DFG Gepris.


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