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Group of 2013

Group in 2015




Dr. rer. nat. Thomas von Hofe (PostDoc)

Dr. Mikhail Kustov (PostDoc) (left for Imperial College London)

Dr. Oh-Youl Kwon (back to South Korea)

Dr. Necdet Onur Urs (left for industry)



M. Sc. Sunday Akhenemen (Master thesis) 

Somyanshu Arora (DAAD internship)

M. Sc. Shayan Deldar (left for University of Kaiserslautern for a PhD thesis)

M. Sc. Sugosh Deshpande (Master thesis) 

M. Sc. Qaisar Latif  (Master thesis) 

Mingu Kang  (back at Chungnam University, South Korea)

B. Sc. Mathis Lohmann (Master thesis)

M. Sc. Rameez Saeed Malik  (left for Uppsala University for a PhD thesis) 

B. Sc. Emil Mamleyev (Master thesis) 

M. Sc. Babak Mozooni (PhD thesis)

M.Sc. Fasheng Qiu (went back to China to finish his PhD)

M. Sc. Hafiz Ali Raza (Master thesis)

M. Sc. Haris Rashid  (Master thesis)

B. Sc. Maike Schon 

M. Sc. Kadir Sentosun (left for EMAT - University of Antwerp for a PhD thesis)

B. E. Rahul Singhal (Master thesis) 

Dipl. Phys. Julia Trützschler​ (PhD thesis)

B. Sc. Robert Veith (Master thesis) 

M. Sc. Sridhar Reddy Avula Venkata (left for Paul Scherrer Institute for a PhD thesis)

B. Sc. Frederik Woltering (Master thesis)