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Optical, electrical, magnetic and sensoric devices based on nanocomposite are a highly active area with a special interest regarding separated nanoparticles. However, most of the work in this area making use of nanoparticles regards the polymer itself as little more than a host matrix. Alternatively, smart polymers have become one important class of polymers and their applications have been increasing significantly. Our aim is the fabrication of smart nanocomposite devices that change their optical, sensoric, magnetic, electrical, wettability and catalytic properties in response to small external changes in the environmental conditions, such as temperature, pH, light, magnetic or electric field, ionic factors swelling and mechanical response. While common functional materials self-limit their field of application due to their simplicity we aim to develop multifunctional materials which are conductive but at the same time posses both structural colour and sensitivity, etc. Indeed, we recently introduced the first photoswitchable transparent conductor with a selective Photobleaching gas nose as a multifunctional device.

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