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Nanofabrication at Leidenfrost conditions


















































In this area of research, we focus on production of nanoparticles of different materials (metals, metal-oxides and bio-minerals) with different sizes and morphology. We established a novel green nano-synthesis approach which is fast, cost effective and simple to produce a large quantities of controlled quasi-monodisperse  particles. Our aim is to produce the nanoparticles with a minimum hazardous impact on environment, especially regarding their potential applications as catalysis, photonics, sensors and biomedical. Our wet-chemical approach which inspired from the Leidenfrost effect divided in two ways of nanofabrication;


- Lab. in beaker (Synthesize of nanoparticles in microgram scale in beaker)



SEM images of different morphology for different samples synthesis in beaker (Lab in beaker) at Leidenfrost conditions



- Lab. in drop (Synthesize, coating and patterning of nanoparticles by drop)



SEM images of  2D & 3D coating of a grid substrate with CuO (top left) and ZnO (bottom left) and nano-patterning on silicon substrate with ZnO (top right) and Ag (down right) by drop at Leidenfrost conditions.

























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