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Bioinspired synthesis of nanomaterials is an attractive field for nanochemists. Recently, there has been an increased interest in the synthesis of nanocolloids and bionancomposite systems in a biomineralization-like fashion. However, making such hybrids in a controlled manner and on a large scale has yet to be explored thoroughly.


In our research we employ proteins, lipids, and enzymes as "Bioreactors" aiming to biosynthesize metal nanoparticales and bionanocomposites. We aim to develop multifunctional bio-nano hybrids with diverse properties for biological, optical, electrical, sensing and filtration applications.


Two strategies are generally applied:

A) The functionalization and assembly of biomolecules onto nano-objects for rationally designed molecular assembly systems of two- and three-dimensional architectures.

B) Naturally existing substances such as Geranium leaf extract, spider and mulberry silkworm silk proteins can be directly used as bioreactors in order to obtain metal colloids or bionanocomposites in an eco-friendly manner.






 silver and gold nanocolloids / bionanocomposites  using the bioreactors  of  natural mulberry silk worm and its cocoon1. 1http://secretvirus.com/?m=201003

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