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Nanostructured polymer and polymer-based nanocomposites are key materials for new device applications. In recent years the fabrication of nanostructured polymeric materials (e.g.; monodispersed latex, block copolymers, nanocomposites) has evolved rapidly.

The main focus of our research is on the fabrication of functional polymeric materials concerning their optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties in thin film as well as bulk morphologies using several polymerization techniques (such as Emulsion, Free Radical, ATR and Anionic).

Recently we synthesized highly monodisperse polymer latex with sizes ranging from 80-800 nm and investigated their size dependence properties. Embedding such an active particles in a proper polymeric Matrix (i.e. block copolymer) is expected give rise to synergetic properties which are currently under investigation. The following SEM and AFM micrograph shows an typical structures that have been realized in our group with the mentioned techniques.




Colored SEM of and AFM pictures shows a monodisperse polystyrene particle and selective embedding of nanoparticles in the nm range block copolymer’s domain.



Indeed our work is not only limited to the mentioned ideas rather than the followings are also the topics of our interest:

  • Synthesis and characterizations of conductive polymer and block copolymers for implementation in optoelectronic devices.
  • Fabrication of reinforced polymer for advanced engineering applications
  • Multifunctional Polymer nanocomposites for thin film coating


Preliminary results are coming soon



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