Chair for Multicomponent Materials

Lectures and Seminars

Winter Term

mawi-502: Werkstoffe (Polymere)

Die Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch.

0 Literature
Literature Overview
1 Chapter 1
Properties and Classification
2 Chapter 2
Polymer Synthesis
3a Chapter 3a
Polymer Synthesis-Basis, Kinetics & Statistics
3b Chapter 3b
4 Chapter 4
Polymers in Solution and Polymer Blends-Thermodynamics & Kinetics
5 Chapter 5
Crystallization, Melting and Glass Transition in Polymers
6 Chapter 6
Properties of Polymers I: Mechanical and Rheological Characteristics
7 Chapter 7
Properties of Polymers II: Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Characteristics of Polymers
8 Chapter 8
Processing of Polymers
9 Chapter 9
Polymer Films

mawi-702: Solid State Physics 1

Lecture notes: 

0 Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical tools, quantum mechanical axioms and operators, Schroedinger equation
1 Chemical Bonds in Solids
Covalent bond, ionic bond, van der Waals bond, hydrogen bond, metallic bond
2 Crystal Structure
Translational lattice, symmetry, simple crystal structures, the effect of defects on physical properties, noncrystalline solids
3 Diffraction by Solids
Crystalline solids and reciprocal lattice, structure factor, diffraction by noncrystalline solids, experimental methods, diffraction at surfaces
4 Dynamics of crystal lattices
Lattice vibrations, thermal properties of crystals, thermal expansion, thermal conduction by phonons, phonon spectroscopy


SSP I Exercise nr. 1
SSP I Exercise nr. 1 - scalar product
SSP I Exercise nr. 1 - Fourier
SSP I Exercise nr. 2
SSP I Exercise nr. 2 DATA
SSP I Exercise nr. 3
SSP I Exercise nr. 4
SSP I Exercise nr. 4 - FT
SSP I Exercise nr. 4 - IFT
SSP I Exercise nr. 5
SSP I Exercise nr. 6
SSP I Exercise nr. 6 hybridization
SSP I Exercise nr. 7
SSP I Exercise nr. 8
SSP I Review Oct-Dec
SSP I Exercise nr. 9
SSP I Exercise nr. 10
SSP I Exercise nr. 11

mawi-919: Advanced Organic Materials

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Summer Term

mawi-702: Solid State Physics 2

Lecture notes: 

5 Electrons in solids
5.1 Free electron model
Free electron gas and Fermi statistics, specific heat of metals, thermionic emission from metals
5.2 Energy bands in solids
Approximation of quasi free electrons, examples for band structures and density of states
5.3 Influence of external fields
Effective-mass, hole concept, electrical conductivity of metals, thermoelectrical effects, contact potential, Wiedemann-Franz law
6 Semiconductors
Intrinsic semiconductors, doping, experimental methods to determine electronic properties of semiconductors and metals, amorphous semiconductors, p-n junctions, heterostructures and super lattices
7 Magnetic properties
Diamagnetism, paramagnetism, ferro- and antiferrromagnetism
8 Dielectric properties
Dielectric constant and polarizability, optical properties, ferroelectric solids, experimental methods to determine the dielectric function


SSP II Exercise nr. 1
SSP II Exercise nr. 2
SSP II Exercise nr. 3
SSP II Exercise nr. 4
SSP II Exercise nr. 5
SSP II Exercise nr. 6
SSP II Exercise nr. 7
SSP II Exercise nr. 8
SSP II Exercise nr. 8, answer 4a
SSP II Exercise nr. 9
SSP II Exercise nr. 10
SSP II Exercise nr. 11
SSP II Exercise nr. 12

Legacy Lectures

In the following section you may find lecture notes for lectures that are currently not given. 

Polymers 1+2

Lecture notes from 2006/2007 (polymers II) and 2008 (polymers I).


- content and literature polymers I
- content and literature polymers II
1 Introduction
2 Binding Structure and Classification
3 Polymer Synthesis
4 Polymers in Melts and Solutions
5 Glass Formation and Crystallization
6 Mechanical Properties
7 Sorption, diffusion and permeation
8 Plastics processing
9 Reinforced polymers
10 Liquid crystalline polymers
11 Dielectric and electric properties of polymers
12 Optical properties of polymers
13 Organic thin films
14 Metal-polymer interfaces
15 Conducting and semiconducting polymers
16 Organic electronic and photonic devices
17 Polymer electrolytes

Solid State Physics (WS96/97, German)

0 Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik
Mathematische Hilfsmittel, Axiome der Quantenmechanik, Operatoren, Schrödingergleichung
1 Chemische Bindungen
Kovalente Bindung, Ionische Bindung, Van der Waals Bindung, Wasserstoffbrückenbindung, Metallische Bindung
2 Kristallstruktur
Translationsgitter, Symmetrie, einfache Kristallstrukturen, Einfluss von Defekten auf physikalische Eigenschaften, nichtkristalline Festkörper
3 Beugung an Festkörpern
Kristalline Festkörper und reziprokes Gitter, Strukturfaktor, Beugung an nichtkristallinen Festkörpern, experimentelle Methoden, Beugung an Oberflächen
4 Dynamik von Kristallgittern
Gitterschwingungen, thermische Eigenschaften von Kristallen, thermische Expansion, thermische Leitung durch Phononen, Phononenspektroskopie
5 Elektronen in Festkörpern
Freies Elektronen Modell, Energiebänder in Festkörpern, Einflüsse von externen Feldern
6 Halbleiter
Intrinsische Halbleiter, Doping, P-N Übergänge, amorphe Halbleiter
7 Magnetische Eigenschaften
Diamagnetismus, Paramagnetismus, Ferro- und Antiferromagnetismus
8 Dielektrische Eigenschaften
Dielektrizitätskonstante und Polarisierbarkeit, optische Eigenschaften, ferroelektrische Festkörper

Metals 1+2

Lecture notes from 2005/2006 (Metals 1) and 2007 (Metals 2). 

0 Contents and literature
1 Introduction
2.1 Complete miscibility
2.2 Examples of phase diagrams and intermetallic phases
3.1 Plastic deformation in single crystals via dislocations
3.2 Deformation twinning
3.3 Deformation of polycrystals
3.4 Creep
3.5 Fracture
3.6 Solid solution hardening
4 Thermally activated processes
5 Solidifcation of metallic melts
6 Transformation in the solid state
7 Particle hardened alloys
8.1 Ferrous alloys - steels
8.2 Cast iron
9.1 Nonferrous alloys - aluminium alloys
9.2 Other nonferrous alloys
10 Metallic glasses
11 Nanocrystalline and quasicrystalline materials
12.1 and 12.2 Thin metal films- microstructure an stress in thin metal films
12.3 Electromigration
13 Electronic properties
14.1 Magnetic materials - basics
14.2 Soft magnetic materials
14.3 Tayloring the hysteresis loop
14.4 Single-domain particles and superparamagnetism
14.5 Hard magnetic materials