Chair for Multicomponent Materials

Co-sputtering of a ceramic or Teflon matrix and metal or alloy fillers

In addition to other techniques (see webpage on preparation), we produce our polymer-based nanocomposites by co- and tandem sputtering, involving rf magnetron sputtering of selected polymers such as Teflon from a polymer target and dc sputtering from a metal or alloy target. For magnetic metals, rf sputtering is also used. The resulting polymer matrix is crosslinked, which is often advantageous and may, in particular, improve the mechanical properties compared to the original polymer. In order to find suitable polymers for sputter deposition, we investigated in detail the interaction of low energy ions with polymers . The crucial point is the competition between chain scission and crosslinking. Polymers with a high sputter rate should exhibit a low crosslinking tendency. Teflon (PTFE) turned out to exhibit a sputter yield which is about two orders of magnitude above that of most other polymers. This polymer is particularly suitable for sputtering and preparation of metal-containing nanocomposites.

Besides polymers also inorganic materials can serve as a dielectric matrix. Therefore, also rf sputter processes and reactive sputtering are well established in our group for inorganic materials like SiO2, TiO2 and AlN.

In addition to experimental work, the co-deposition processes were also investigated based on computer simulations. Recent studies were performed in close cooperation with the group of Michael Bonitz from theoretical physics in Kiel. 


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TEM micrograph of superparamagnetic FeCo nanoparticles in an SiO2 matrix prepared by co-sputtering.


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Computer simulations

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