You can find all requirements for our master course and our evaluation system on these pages. The formal requirements are listed below. For an overview on what you should know from your B.Sc. studies, mainly in mathematics, chemistry and physics, take a look here.


Bachelor's Degree

If you want to start your studies in Kiel at the KielMAT international master's degree program you need:

  • a qualified (at least) three year Bachelor of Science in materials science or
  • a qualified (at least) three year Bachelor of Science in a related scientific field or
  • a diploma in materials science or a related scientific field from an university of applied science (German Fachhochschule)


Check this page for an extensive list of possible bachelor's degree programs.



  • proficiency in English, the teaching language at KielMAT, is required, check out the specifics here.
  • you should be willing to learn some German, as it will help you with your day-to-day here, but it is not necessary for your studies.



See our application section for information on all necessary documents and a link to our online platform.