M.Sc. Material Science and Business Administration

After finishing your studies the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel will confer the academic title and honor as a “Master of Science” upon you, your field of study will be documented as M.Sc. in "Materials Sciences and Business Administration".

In Germany and many other countries this is the base for higher positions in industry and commerce or for a career in university and research. You will have specialized in the field of functional materials and project management.

The study courses are rated by ECTS-points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). More information about this system can be found here.

The alumni have got a solid knowledge in the fields of functional materials like sensor technology, microelectronics, energy technology, nanotechnology, optics, smart materials, biomaterials and life science, as well as in the field of economics like for example marketing, organization, entrepreneurship, technology management, human resource management and  business taxation.
They have deepend knowledge and skills in research and development, engineering, analysis and process, project management and business administration.

Beyond that, during their theses they have been involved in research projects on the forefront of international research in materials science and business administration.

Besides having acquired a solid scientific background and practical knowledge, they will have learned how to work independently on scientific problems as well as to look critically at experimental results. They are able to present their ideas and results orally and in written form according to international scientific standards. Through participating in interdisciplinary discussions they have learned how to give and take critique constructively. In all lab courses they have been part of international teams. The success of every experiment has been dependent on how efficiently all team members cooperate with one another.

With these abilities and knowledge, alumni are specialized and competent to work at the interface between engineering and management as well as working as engineers  in the field of materials science or as managers in the field of business administration, for example in industrial research or development groups, s consultants, as team leaders in projects or as scientists in academia.