Cost of Living and Residency Permit

The cost of living differs at universities in various cities. International students studying at Kiel University must assume that their monthly expenses will amount to about 700 Euro per month. This amount can approximately be split as follows:

Expenses Euro
health insurance    90
rent*  200
groceries, clothing and other needs                360
study materials, books    50
Total  700

   *Furthermore you need a one-time deposit between 250 € and 900 €  for your room or flat.

   There is no tuition fee!


More Information about Financial assistance at the CAU International Center.


Visa and residency permit

It is absolutely necessary to secure financing for the duration of your studies in the Federal Republic of Germany before departure. German authorities abroad will issue a residence permit for studying purposes only if the student can proof that she or he has sufficient funds available.


More Information about Visa regulations at the CAU International Center.