Contact and Directions

The department is currently headed by Prof. Dr. Franz Faupel as managing director.

The office of the department is managed by Mrs. Katrin Brandenburg.

You can reach us in the following way:

Department for Materials Science
Faculty of Engineering
Kiel University
Kaiserstr. 2
24143 Kiel - Germany

E-Mail: - Tel.: +49 431 880-6277 - Fax: +49 431 880-6290

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Functional Nano Materials

  • Rainer Adelung

Bioinspired Materials and ...

  • Zeynep Altintas

Composite Materials

Multicomponent Materials

  • Franz Faupel

Synthesis and Real Structure

  • Lorenz Kienle

Nanoscale Magnetic Materials

  • Jeffrey McCord

Mikrosystems and Technology ...

  • Axel Müller-Groeling

Inorganic Functional Materials

  • Eckhard Quandt>

Metallic Biomaterials

  • Regine Willumeit-Römer

Computational Materials Sc.

  • Stephan Wulfinghoff

Corrosion and Surface Tech.

  • Mikhail Zheludkevich