Functional Nanomaterials Chair

Thin Film Deposition


Magnetron sputtering is a physical vapour deposition (PVD) technology for thin film deposition. The sputtering process is based on the bombardment of a target material with energetic particles (usually gas ions provided by a plasma, e.g. Ar) by what atoms from the target are ejected and deposited on the surface of the sample material. Our sputtering geometry consists of a direct current (DC) magnetron and a radio frequency (RF) magnetron allowing the deposition of a large variety of conductive as well as insulating materials, e.g. Au, Cu, ZnO, FeCoSiB, etc. Additionally, the arrangement of two magnetrons enables the deposition of compound materials by co-sputtering.

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee


a) Geometry of the processing chamber with turbomolecular pump (1), sample holder (2), rotary shutter (3), vacuum gauge (4), DC magnetron (5), RF magnetron (6), window (7) and push-to-pull shutter (8).

b) Schematic image of the used sputtering geometry with DC magnetron (1), RF magnetron (2), sample holder (3), rotary shutter (4) and a push-to-pull shutter (5).



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