Functional Nanomaterials Chair

FFT - Impedance Spectroscopy

In-situ Fast-Fourier Transform Impedance Spectroscopy (FFT-IS) measurements allow us to identify the most important and critical parameters inside electrochemical electrodes i.e. battery anodes and cathodes. According to the time-dependent series and parallel resistances and their time constants, we are able to investigate diffusion, kinetics and charge transfer processes at the electrode and at the interphase between the electrodes and interphases. With this knowledge about the kinetics and charge transfer properties, it is possible to enhance for example battery life time and performances drastically by many orders of magnitude.


Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

FFT-IS measurement left perturbation signal I and the response of the system in the time domain and to the right power spectrum of the perturbation signal I and the system response of the same measurement in the frequency domain.




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