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Summer School 2023

Summer School 2023

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SS23The Materials Science and Engineering Summer School introduces new research topics and developments in the area of functional materials in application areas such as medicine, energy, technology, environment or food safety. Examples include wearable and implantable technologies for life science, functional nanomaterials for soft robotics and flexible electronics, 3D-printed hydrogels for biocompatible use, memristivedevices for neuronal systems and much more. The Summer School aims at attracting the best international students from abroad to the M.Sc. study programs at the Institute of Materials Science by introducing them to our teaching, training and research activities at the study courses of Materials Science and Engineering over a period of a one-week summer school.

SS23The Summer School targets the last year’s B.Sc. students and new graduates from various departments (e.g., materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, bioengineering, engineering science, petroleum and natural gas engineering, mechanical engineering, and food engineering). Among all the applications, up to 40 B.Sc. students and new graduates will be selected for the Summer School based on their GPA and curriculum vitae.
The one-week Summer School covers three days of lectures, which are held on the main campus of the university, followed by two-day laboratory tours and hands-on trainings at the engineering campus. During hands-on-trainings, the students will have the opportunity to visit the laboratories of different chairs at the Institute of Materials Science in addition to participating in experiments in each lab.

The students will also have the opportunity to interact with M.Sc. and Ph.D. students as well as the student council. Besides the learning activities, there will be ample time for social activities to enjoy the main campus and the city of Kiel, including a BBQ on the first evening, a tour of Kiel, a visit to the GeomarHelmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, and a closing reception.

The students are exempt from paying for accommodation and any fees to participate in this summer school, as well as coffee and lunch breaks included in the program.

SS23In this Summer School, the professors and their staff will cover different fields of materials science. The Summer School will give every subject addressed ample time and consideration. On the first day, there will be a welcome session outlining an overview of the learning objectives and activities, practicalities for the week and an outline of the educational and research activities at Kiel University. The rest of the week will consist of lectures and practical trainings. Various topics will be addressed, such as functional nanomaterials, multi-component materials, synthesis and real structure of solids, nanoscale magnetic materials, microsystems and technology transfer, inorganic and metallic functional materials, computational material science, bioinspired materials and biosensor technologies, etc.

Summer School Deadlines

Application Submission 15 May 2023
Applicant Notification 25 May 2023
Applicant Registration 10 June 2023




How to apply?

Please send your application to along with a 1-page motivation letter, curriculum vitae, and academic transcripts.

The applicants selected for the summer school will be informed about travel, accommodation, and the summer school program to be implemented during one week in Kiel by 15 June 2023.

Summer School Chair

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Altintas

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Altintas


Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung
Prof. Dr. Franz Faupel
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Kienle
Prof. Dr. Jeffrey McCord
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt
Prof. Dr. Stephan Wulfinghoff














After Summer School

The participants of the Summer School will be invited to apply for our two M.Sc. study programs at the Institute of Materials Science. The applications will be evaluated and up to 15 students will be admitted to the study programs based on their GPA, CV, and performance during the Summer School. The interested students will be engaged in research activities as early as possible during their M.Sc. Education. The highly motivated and talented students will be recruited as research assistants at Kiel University.