Bioinspired Materials & Biosensor Technologies


The ongoing projects in our group are listed below. If you are an internal/external B.Sc. or M.Sc. student and interested to take a part in our projects, feel free to reach the responsible contact person with your CV via the emails provided below. The external Ph.D. students, who are eager to join our projects as visiting researcher, are welcome to contact Prof. Altintas.




NanoBlueprints - designing imprinted polymer based functional materials for biomedical applications

Contact person: Sanda N. Moldovean-Cioroianu (



Point-of-care diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases

Contact person: Gauri Hasabnis (



DNA nanofiber hydrogel wearable patch for DNA trapping of antimicrobial resistance

Contact person: Elham Ghazizadeh (



Minimally invasive implantable microneedle-based smart biosensors

Contact person: Md Sharifuzzaman (



Magnetically labelled molecularly imprinted polymers for early detection of anastomotic leakage using magnetoelectric sensors

Contact person: Rahil Radfar (



Computationally designed nanoMIP-QCM sensors for virus detection

Contact person: Ekin Sehit (



Production of edible matrix nanofibers to replace meals by electrospun biopolymer process

Contact person: Aysu Tolun (



Development of vitamin B12 nanospheres using new protein matrices reinforced by chemical- and enzyme-based crosslinkers

Contact person: Seyed Mohammad Gharibzahedi (



Smart nanostructured membranes for virus recognition and removal

Contact person: Eda Akin (



Detection of pathogenic bacteria using antibody, DNA, MIP-based sensing platforms

Contact person: Md Sharifuzzaman ( & Rahil Radfar (


Miniaturized sensor system for continuous soil-nutrient monitoring
based on integration of a lab-on-a-chip microfluidic cartridge with an optoelectronic detection unit

Contact person: Sruthi Prasood Usha (