1.1.2 Relation to Other Courses

The graduate course "Semiconductors" interacts with several other courses in the materials science curriculum. A certain amount of overlap is unavoidable.
Of course, "semiconductors" relates to the truly basic courses in materials science, like thermodynamics, analytics, or solid state physics (all of which are required for all students) - it simply relies on the stuff covered there.
Below is a list of courses that are electives (at least for some), but have some relation to "Semiconductors".
Electronic Materials (Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik und Sensorik I; Prof. Föll)
Required for Masters students.
Focuses on a short introduction to Silicon technology and materials but covers mainly dielectric and magnetic materials.
Si Technology I + II (Prof. Wagner)
Elective for Master students.
Covers Si and Si technology (with emphasize on MEMS), which is not included in this course.
Quantum Theory for Materials Scientists (Dr. Carstensen)
Elective for all students
A must if you really want to understand semiconductors
Thin Solid films I (Various lecturers)
Elective for Masters students
Perfectly complements the technological part of "Semiconductors".
Defects in Crystals (Prof. Föll)
Elective for all students
Most semiconductors except Si are plagued by crystal defects, so some basic knowledge of crystal lattice defects is helpful but not really necessary.

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