Large Format Pictures - Chapter 6.2

Microstructure of some cast steel. Note the differences
as you go from the outside to the inside.
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Microstructure of cast steeel
Link to text Microstructure of cast steel.
"Structure" of an about 12 cm × 12 cm solar cell.
In this case an electronic parameter is encoded in the colors
(roughly the efficiency of converting light energy into electric energy).
The interesting features is the nested system of lines ("striations") that show the position
of the solid-liquid interface at different times during solidification.
Solidification progressed from the bottom to the top
Striations in cast silicon
Link to text Striations in a silicon solar cell made from cast poly-crystalline silicon
Riveted major structure - the central station in Dresden, Germany.
Rivets; Dresden main station
Link to text Lots of rivets in the main station of Dresden, Germany

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