Here is a large size rendering of the TEM picture of a 16 Mbit DRAM memory cell. A drawing of this cross section can be found in the link.
poly silicon
.Many details are not visible in this low magnification picture. Below we see the ONO layer between the two poly Si layers at high magnification
The two oxide layers appear white; the nitride layer dark
TEM of poly-ONO-poly interface
Next, we look at a trench capacitor "from above" and not in cross section.
Shown is the "simple" capacitor from the 4 Mbit DRAM generation. ONO us used as dielectric; and the substrate Si served as one electrode.
Again the poly electrode was oxidized for insulation and the trench filled with poly. The smaller (and dendritic) grain structure indicates that a large deposition rate (at somewhat higher pressure) was used; and a little hole remained unfilled in this case.
Poly in trench

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