6.5.3 Summary to: Etching Techniques

Chemical etching:
Relatively simple, with luck extremely selective, relatively fast, but:
Chemical etching
Material removal always isotropic (see figure) and thus enlarging features and thus not applicable to "micro" or better "nano" structuring
Might be extremely dangerous (corrosive, poisonous, inflammable, explosive, ... ) and often hard to recycle / dispose off.  
Plasma Etching:
Simple in principle (see figure) quite complex and expensive in praxis.
Plasme etching
  Given the right plasma (not easy to find; plasma chemistry counts among the "black arts"), the etching can be completely anisotropic and sufficiently selective.  
Innumerable variants exist and new methods are coming up all the time. Definitely on of the key technologies for micro / nano technology.  

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