Defects in Crystals

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Defects in Crystals - the Original
a) Interstitial impurity atom, b) Edge dislocation, c) Self interstitial atom, d) Vacancy, e) Precipitate of impurity atoms, f) Vacancy type dislocation loop, g) Interstitial type dislocation loop, h) Substitutional impurity atom
  This is a schematic drawing of various crystal lattice defects;
illustrating parts of what this lecture course is about.
{short description of image} It is a remarkable picture because it keeps popping up - sometimes slightly modified - in books and articles about defects in crystals.
Well - this is the original. I drew it (manually, with ink and stencils) in 1976 as part of my Ph.D. work.
Since then, this little beauty has started to migrate around, and the original source is so obscure that one might consider it lost.
{short description of image} Do I mind? Not at all! I always get a kick out of running across it every now and then.
Having made this statement I sincerely hope that all my colleagues, whose work I might have used unknowingly in this Hyperscript, share my feeling. If not, please get in touch, and I will correct whatever errors and copyright infringements I might have made.
  Now use the link to an alternative page that shows a real defect
and gives some reasons why defects are important.

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