If You Chose "No"

You are a scientist and not an engineer.
There is nothing wrong with that. You will receive satisfaction from finding out things and from understanding how things work.
You may never experience the joy of having lived through a project that actually resulted in a product, which other people buy and use.
In compensation, you may on occasion experience the joy of being the only human who for a brief moment of glory found out something about nature that nobody else on this side of Pluto knows about 1).
You probably will not earn (or at least not receive) a great deal of money and become the leader of men (and women), but probably you won't miss it very much.

1) An old joke along this line is: Hans Bethe (or take Weizsäcker if you like) was taking a walk with some girl friend at a nice summer night. The girl remarks on how nice the stars are shining. "Yes", says Bethe, "and right now I am the only one who knows why they are shining" - having just discovered the principles of the hydrogen fusion chain that fires the stars!

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