Changing something into something else the easy way (without much effort and painlessly, of course) is an old dream of everybody.
All religions, of course, pry on this fact. It is interesting (but useless) to meditate about the possible connections between the observation that the seemingly most unchangeable and common things - stones - could in fact be turned into something beautiful, useful and rare, and the evolution of believes in a "changed state of being after death" in religion.
Here is a present day expression of the need to dream about transmogrification from one of my favorite books dealing about children and how to raise them:
Transmogrification explained
CALVIN AND HOBBES © (1991) Watterson.
Reprinted with permission of UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE. All rights reserved.
Well, a working version of a transmogrifier has not been invented yet. So if you really want to change yourself into a person who knows about defects in crystals, you must still do it the hard way!

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