Steel, Defects, and Bullshit

Some unedited excerpts from am Internet article from a source of "Knifes and Swords".
Whereas most steels have a random crystalline structure, in Living Steel the crystalline structure becomes highly aligned, focusing its natural energy along the edge and towards the point. Under the hammer blows the steel becomes exceedingly dense. The hammer breaks the microscopic crystals as they form and forces them into a tighter and more highly aligned pattern. The grain boundaries become so small that it becomes difficult to distinguish one crystal from another, even with a microscope. Modern metallurgy refers to this as a super micro crystalline grain. In essence, the entire blade acts as though it were a single crystal of steel. This strongly effects the blade in two distinct ways, in its strength and in its magic.
When a steel shatters, the breaks occur along the grain boundaries between the crystals. Smaller crystals in a more highly aligned pattern reduce the grain boundaries, making it more difficult for a break to occur.
Living Steel also gathers, focuses and transmits a low frequency electromagnetic energy similar to that which our bodies run on, similar perhaps to the way in which a ruby focuses a laser. This is a measurable phenomenon that can also be felt by the human body. In ancient times there was no explanation for this other than magic. It is still magic today.
I sincerely hope that you can see why this is bullshit!

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