Inorganic Functional Materials

SFB 1261 - Magnetoelectric Sensors

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CRC 1261 - Magnetoelectric Sensors: From Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnostics


The general objectives of the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1261 are the research and development of different magnetoelectric sensor approaches with a special focus on high sensitivity at biomagnetic frequencies (Project Area A) and their evaluation and utilization in medically relevant questions (Project Area B). The research program to pursue these goals requires intensive interdisciplinary collaboration between materials scientists, electrical engineers and physicians (neurology and cardiology). It will be supported by two cross-topical projects on micro-/nanosystem fabrication and on biomagnetic measurement techniques. An Integrated Research Training Group will be established with the intent of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration within the CRC 1261. Furthermore, a Scientific Outreach Project will be responsible not only for outreach to the public, students and teachers, but also for communicating in a scientific manner to young scientists.